‘The Martin’ Committee III Tenor Sax, 1951

My latest project is  a The Martin Tenor saxophone from 1951, serial number 174XXX. It appears to be an older relacquer, looks very good, and has a fabulous sound. I decided to send it to the Tech to have it fixed up professionally after trying some minor adjustments myself – it’s such a good instrument, I’d like it to be perfect. Got it off ebay, and was supposedly completely set up and ready to go, but there are some obviously leaking tone holes (the soldered-on ones) and the like, that I cannot really fix myself, lacking in both the necessary equipment to go after a soldering job, as well as the necessary skills to do it just right. Got word that I can go and pick up the horn, very excited, will update on the results. Pictures to follow shortly.

Update: the horn is an absolute monster, fantastic sound, plays great now with a Berg Larsen 120. A completely different experience from the rest of the saxes I own, sounds and feels like it’s playing in overdrive, the notes just sparkle out of it. Set up to perfection, action is brilliant, a very free blowing horn, definite keeper.

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