Recording Saxophone with Cubase LE5

Here’s a few hints that may be useful to get a good sound when rcording a saxophone. I’ve been using Cubase for a long lime now, starting with LE4 and recently moving on to LE5. I use a very simple but excellent USB DAC interface, the Jam by Apogee, directly into my Macbook Pro, using a Sure SM58 microphone through a basic mixer, the Behringer Eurorack MXB1002. The microphone could do with an upgrade alright, but for my purposes the results are fine. I use inserts in Cubase to get the sound just right:

  • VSTDynamics (Guitar Compressor or Brass Section settings should get you started)
  • PingPongDelay (Smooth Jazz)
  • Roomworks SE (Vintage Plate Reverb)
  • DaTube Warm Tube
  • MAutoPitch (Any one of the stereo settings)