Holton Alto, Gold Plated

Here’s a beautiful, satin gold plated Holton alto, serial 188xx (1925, see this Holton Serial Chart). Eb above serial number, L.P. below. Floral design engraving. Opposing bell keys, and has the extra keys the Holton’s are known for (C-vent), and has its own unique sound. I’ve got the original case that came with it, which has a very nice green velvet on the inside, and a name tag, ‘Russell Steve Hallit’ and it still has its original end plug, also in gold plated brass. The case shows that it was bought from Hanson Music House, Powell Street, San Francisco. With standard mouthpieces, or typical ones from the 1920s is sounds very dark and a bit stuffy, but with modern mouthpieces like a Berg Larsen or a Lebayle this one takes on a whole new life.

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