Benetone Tenor Sax

This one is a bit of a mystery to me, it looks like an early Conn 16M (‘Shooting Stars’), but it is engraved as ‘Benetone’, bare brass with nickel keys.  It seems to have been played a fair bit, and I can see why – it’s a real player with a deep ‘gutsy’ sound. Plays really well with a Rico Metalite. It does not have the detailing of a  pro horn, and the ergonomics are not as slick on more modern horns, but it still is a joy to play with spot-on, locking intonation. Bell keys are on the left side. Serial 27xxx. Wire keyguards.

If you have more information about this horn, perhaps the exact year, or for whom it was built as a stencil, please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Benetone Tenor Sax

  1. Hello. Not a Conn, although you are correct, it does resemble an older 16M of sorts. But the bell brace, pinky table, neck brace, and RH spatula keys are wrong. Also, 16M’s would have a 6-digit serial number or a 5 or 6-digit serial number proceeded by a letter.

    Bennetones were European made horns. This one looks like a typical hybrid Malerne, Paris-Italian horn of the 1950’s. These appear from time to time. An R. Malerne body with some Malerne keywork and some Italian keywork and detailing. These can be very nice players, very full and robust sounding !

  2. Hi 2ndendingVintage, thank you for your comment, really good info there, I’ll look into Malerne and read up on their history of making horns.

  3. Hi, if you look at the long lever and side support of th G#(looks like a nailfile one from your pic) this was a staple of the vintage R Malerne saxes. I have a similar model, witha different brand name, which has bare brass keywork as well. A definite keeper for the sound.
    I guesstimate mine to be about the 50’s.
    All the best

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